Instant Works by Michael Behlen


Behlen's image "Dead Roots of Yosemite 1" will be shown at Tête de L'Art Association's Group ExPolaroid Exhibition, "Polaroid Is Not Dead" - Hôtel Pasteur à Rennes – France: April 9th, 2016 to May 1st, 2016. 

A selection of images from Behlen's series The Music Scene was published in Issue 4 of Anon Magazine - October 15th, 2015. 



Michael Behlen is a photography enthusiast from Fresno, CA. He works in finance and spends his free time shooting instant film and seeing live music, usually a combination of the two. He has self- published two Polaroid photobooks--“Searching for Stillness, Vol. 1” and “I Was a Pioneer,” literally a boxed set of his instant film work. He exhibited a variety of his photos at Raizana Teas, a Fresno tea room and health food store; his work there, “Polaroid Prints of Landscapes and Strangers,” was up for viewing during the months of June and July, 2014. He has been published, been interviewed, and been reviewed in a quantity of magazines, from” F-Stop” and “ToneLit” to “The Film Shooter’s Collective.” He loves the magic sensuality of instant film: its saturated, surreal colors; the unpredictability of the medium; it’s addictive qualities as you watch it develop. Behlen was the founder and Publisher of “Pryme Magazine.” which ended October 2015. He is a member of The Film Shooters Collective.